5/15/18 Plush Family Press Release

The headline in the local paper this morning states: “Family of teen who died in van calls for independent investigation after report clears dispatchers, officers”. I want to be clear that our family did not ask for an independent investigation during the 5/14 City Council session. What we asked for were answers to specific questions. This is what I stated in the meeting before I went over my specific questions:

“For just a little over 4 weeks I have read many stories about what happened on 4/10. Many questions have been posed in these stories. Each story contains a little something different. Additionally, it seems the accounts of what happened tend to change. I was expecting that by hearing the police report today many of my questions would be answered. That is not the case. These are some of my questions and I expect that council, the media, and the citizens our community also have similar questions”

The City Council, later that day, made the decision to move forward with an independent investigation. Our family fully supports the independent investigation if that is what it takes to get the answers.

I also would like to thank the members of the City Council for making the investigation into the events of 4/10 a top priority. They are doing an outstanding job in helping push for the answers that we need, and we can’t thank you enough.

To the media I would like to say thank you for your continued efforts in helping us get the answers we need so we can ultimately fix the issues. You have helped our family through your relentless pursuit for the facts surrounding this tragedy.

I can’t emphasize enough that we need complete and concise answers to the all the questions at hand. This will allow us to make the proper changes so a tragedy like the one on 4/10 can’t happen to anyone else. I’m confident Kyle will give us the strength to get through this.

I have also attached the questions I asked in yesterday’s meeting.