6/13/18 Plush Family Press Release

Statement from the family of Kyle Plush

On April 10th we experienced an unbearable tragedy that we pray no other family will ever have to endure. Our goal is to ensure the public knows, with full transparency, what happened on the day our beloved Kyle died. We believe that is the best way to prevent another unnecessary death.

We are encouraged and thankful for the efforts from the Cincinnati City Council, Mayor Cranley, the acting City Manager and the Cincinnati Police Department for continuing to look inward for ways to improve policies and procedures to serve our community.

We are also encouraged that the City Council requested and hired two private firms to investigate the events and actions on April 10th.

These actions make us hopeful that our personal tragedy will result in a State-of-the-Art Emergency Response Process that will make all families in our community safer and can be used as a best practice model for communities across the nation.

Finally, we continue to be strengthened and humbled by the expressions of love, prayer and support for Kyle and our family. Thank you.