The KPATC Foundation was very honored to present challenge coins to three very deserving 911 professionals working at MN State Patrol Communication Center – Marty O’Herir, Erin Maddison and their supervisor, Kaila Parrott – during a zoom meeting on June 24, 2020. This team exemplified the vision statement of the KPATC foundation- Answer The Call To Be Your Best Self Every Day. They worked together to save a life on April 16, 2020 when a suicidal caller shared plans on how he would end his life. Marty was empathetic with the caller while staying on the line for 22 intense minutes while Erin and Kaila worked in the background to share the caller’s location and vehicle information with the police. They were persistent and determined – they did not give up and ultimately saved this caller’s life by being their best selves that day. Thank you from the bottom of our ❤️s.