So honored to award two KPATC Foundation Challenge Coins to Regina Mygrant and Diana Hall, telecommunicators at Tampa Police Dept Emergency Communications, on July 10, 2020. They are two dedicated 911 professionals “Answering the Call To Be Their Best Selves Each and Every Day”. We received an email from their co-worker, Jennifer Betancur, last month explaining the details of one particular call when they helped save a life due to their persistence, not giving up, thinking “outside the box”, and using every tool in their “tool box”. They spent over an hour working together with local police to find this caller. Diana was eventually able to find the caller’s vehicle description which helped them determine the location of the apartment building of the caller and Regina had the officer drive by honking his horn so she could tell him when he was getting closer. Amazing work and dedication! Thank you REGINA MYGRANT and DIANA HALL For Answering The Call!