The KPATC Foundation presented Mary Schutts, a telecommunicator at the Warren County 9-1-1 Center in NJ, with a challenge coin on 9/17 for Answering the Call To Be Her Best Self on July 5, 2020. Mary received a call from a gentleman who had been stung by bees and was having an allergic reaction. Mary dispatched an ambulance that was 15 minutes away. However, Mary noticed the caller’s condition was deteriorating so she dispatched the local Fire Dept (only 8 minutes away) that carried EPI-Pen medication. When administered, the caller began showing signs of improvement right away. Had Mary not acted on her instinct and waited until the caller was unconscious (normal procedure for the local FD), the outcome may not have been a positive one. Thank you Mary Schutts for “Answering The Call To Be Your Best Self Every Day”! 
(Telecommunicators in Warren Cty pointing to Kyle’s picture- the reason they want to be “their best self every day)