KPATC was blessed to meet Kimberly Clarke with the Plano PSC in TX (just north of Dallas) through a Zoom call and present this amazing dispatcher with a KPATC Challenge Coin by special volunteer, Hank Hunt, with the Kari Hunt Foundation. Kimberly received a call from an intoxicated caller who gave Kimberly her address. But the address she received wasn’t matching up with her ANI/ALI location. Although this is not normal protocol, Kimberly was “thinking outside the box” and explained to the caller how to open Google maps on her cell phone to get her exact location (this is one of the KPATC Cell Phone Safety Tips). We enjoyed celebrating Kimberly who is Answering The Call To Be Her Best Self Every Day. And, Kimberly surprised us with some special cookies made in honor of the Kari Hunt Foundation (No 9 Needed) and the KPATC Foundation. You’re are truly special, Kimberly. And a BIG THANK YOU to Hank Hunt for traveling to meet Kimberly, her family, and her center supervisor in person.