We are proud to be able to honor Jennifer Henderson with a KPATC Challenge Coin. KPATC Volunteer, Jodi Schwind, met Jennifer in-person, at Manatee County Emergency Services in Bradenton, FL on April 21. Jennifer received a call from someone who was slurring their words and unable to communicate. Jen knew the person was having a medical emergency, probably a stroke, but didn’t know the caller’s exact location (they lived in an apartment complex so had an approx.. location through RapidSOS and Phase 2 location). She went ahead and dispatched EMS to an approximate location and continued to work on finding the caller’s address. She called the cell phone carrier who was able to give Jen the subscriber’s name and address. During the 33 minutes Jen was on the phone, the caller became unresponsive. This was life-threatening. Since EMS was already dispatched, they were able to get to the caller as soon as the address was received. Thank you, Jen, for “Answering The Call To Be Your Best Self” by going above the call of duty to save a life. We appreciate you!!!