KPATC Foundation is sponsoring five 9-1-1 professionals to attend the 2022 NENA Conference in Louisville, Kentucky from June 11-16. Public Safety is an honorable profession and these incredible individuals are working to make their 9-1-1 centers better by their continuous education and training of others.

The NENA (National Emergency Number Association) Conference is a great way to network with other 9-1-1 professionals and share ideas in a positive way. We are excited to give this opportunity to: Gary Hill with Warren County Dept of Public Safety in NJ, Samuel Stamper with Memphis Police Dept. Emergency Commuications Bureau in TN, Jennifer Van Horn and Leiah Wesley with Hamilton County Communications Center in Ohio and Bianca Jones with Cincinnati/Northern Ky International Airport. They plan to bring what they learn at the conference to their centers to share ideas and make improvements so they can all Answer the Call To Be Their Best Selves Every Day! Congratulations!