KPATC honored 6 telecommunicators at the Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center (NRECC) in Dublin, Ohio with their challenge coin on March 7 for their amazing work going above and beyond the normal protocol of their jobs to save a woman’s life who was going into diabetic shock. Her husband called 911 after he looked for his missing wife for 3 hours. This “team” worked together, they were persistent and determined to find the missing woman who ended up being found an hour away and out of their jurisdiction. They used all the “tools in their toolbox” “and then some” and located the man’s wife just in time to get her medical help and save her life. These amazing 911 professionals were truly “answering the call to be their best selves”. This story is an incredible example of “team work” within their department and working with the the Hilliard Police, Ross County Sheriff, Dublin Police and the Ohio State Patrol who all joined to help with the search. The OSP eventually found the disoriented woman. abc news (Channel 6) in Columbus covered this story.