A HUGE Shoutout to the Cincinnati Reds for sharing KPATC Cell Phone Safety Tips with Reds Fans at the Reds vs Cardinals game on Sunday, July 24. A few of Kyle’s friends who created the Cell Phone Safety Tip videos were able to join us on the field… Matt Wabler, Kayzad Bharucha and Adam Chen. Kyle’s friend, Gabe Lykins and Seven Hills Advisor, David Brott, were on the Jumbo screen sharing tips on “How to find your exact location on your cell phone” and friend, Krish Gupta, shared “Setting Up Siri so you can call 911”. Reds Fans visited the KPATC booth to learn about Cell Phone Safety Tips and the importance of signing up for Smart911. Wonderful to see so many friends and volunteers at the game to support the KPATC mission! You can find these safety tips for yourself at https://kyleplushanswerthecall.org/cell-phone-safety-tips/.