Plush Foundation

I wanted to write down my thoughts because I didn’t think I’d be able to read it without crying or getting emotional. But I feel like this is something that really needs to be said. I was a recipient of the Kyle Plush Answer the Call foundation Coin late last year. I was very honored but at the time I didn’t realize what a big impact on my life it would make. They sent a wonderful box of goodies along with a coin. I shared with my fellow dispatchers so everyone felt included because I really feel that taking care of each other is a team effort. More and more I found myself keeping the coin next to me at my dispatch station to remind me to do the best I can on every call, even on my grumpiest and most stressed out days. After dispatching for 19 years I didn’t want to be complacent or lack empathy and this coin sitting next to me every day reminding me to keep my attitude in check and give my very best on every call.

A few months ago the Governor of Alaska formed a 911 advisory committee. I interviewed for the spot and during the hour and a half interview the question came up on who my role model was. In the past I would’ve named somebody famous or maybe a historian. But all the sudden I went off script and said that the Plush’s where my role models. I passionately explained the history of the foundation and all the great things they are doing and have done. There was not a dry eye.

I was appointed to the board and I wanted to say thank you for turning tragedy into such positive things and a great legacy for Kyle.

You really make a difference,

Stacey Day

Kenai Police Department, Alaska

Excellent presentation discussing the importance of listening, following procedure, and being consistent in triaging every call.

A real world look into a family that has turned a devastating incident into a revolutionary idea.  You are making a difference and we appreciate you!

I loved this presentation.  I will take the knowledge back with me and apply it in my every day personal life as well as my work life.

I appreciate their approach of looking at what could have gone right – the mistakes were very obvious still to me as a dispatcher but I am sure it is much better received and it shows they are compassionate toward our challenging jobs.  There were so many lessons learned from this session and it was by far the best one I attended at the conference!

I cannot stress enough how impactful this class is to our industry!  It should be mandatory for every telecommunicator to have to listen to Kyle’s 911 calls.

This session was raw, emotional, and really hit home about the importance of our job daily.  I appreciate their dedication and how they want to improve centers around the world.

This really made me think how important it is to dispatch every call fast and efficiently and ensure that the deputy or officer has given their all while searching for a caller.

This was by far the most moving and inspirational session that I attended.  Thank you for your passion and working to get the word out to as many as you can.

I wear my KPATC Foundation pin on my work lanyard and ID since the day I got back from the conference.  I get so many questions from co-workers around the agency on the pin.  I’ve applied lessons learned in the class to my daily work.

Jill and Ron are truly two of the most incredible people I have ever met.  They created and continue to create positive change from the unbelievable tragedy of losing their son.  Though heart wrenching and sometimes near unbearable to experience, their presentation will leave a lasting impact on everyone who hears it, and create change and heighten drive to be your best on every call every day.  Ron and Jill are the epitome of being the change you want to see in the world.

This training has clearly and perfectly demonstrated the need to follow through and be persistent and exhaust every lead and beyond.  This training will alter our entire agency.

POWERFUL.  I was sure to get the bracelet and wear it daily to remind me to be at the top of my game every day!

This is a strong family.  Their story made me think to always go that extra mile to ensure that whether it is a prank call or a serious call that we pull out all the stops to make sure someone’s life is not in danger.

…They rewrote their story of tragedy to a hero one and are changing the world.  I can’t thank them enough.