KPATC Volunteers meeting so many amazing 911 professionals at the APCO Conference in Anaheim. Excited to honor Courtney Castro with St. Charles County Missouri PD with a KPATC Challenge Coin at the conference. She was able to locate a suicidal teen by looking on his FB account where he had a picture of himself leaning up against a car that had a license plate. She added the license plate number to the BOLO and the police were able to find him. She also had a call where they had 2 hours to find the recipient of a kidney. The recipient wasn’t answering his phone. If they didn’t find the recipient, they would have to move on to the next person on the list. She was able to reach a neighbor who told them they were probably in their home in the Ozarks. After searching some more, they found the address of the Ozark home and local police were able to reach him and he got his kidney! Wow! Phenomenal work by this dispatcher. Thank you for “Answering The Call”!